Is AMD FX-9590 worth it to get or just get a FX-8350?

I'm getting cpu + motherboard. I can get either:

FX-9590 or FX-8350? 

I know about the FX-9590 power consumption + heat + more powerful mobo is needed, is FX-9590 still worth it you think? or just go for the cooler & cheaper setup FX-8350 + AsRock 990FX-Extreme3? Any significant difference in hashcat? Thanks for your input.
well, gonna get a used FX-9590 today for under $250AU, hopefully i'm making the right decision.. anyone think this is better option?
IMO, don't buy AMD CPU, buy Intel.
(09-01-2016, 07:09 AM)atom Wrote: IMO, don't buy AMD CPU, buy Intel.

OK, what CPU for under $250 you recommend for hashcat? I just have 1x R9 290X and plan to eventually get about 4 in total.
That's your decision. I just know that cheap = expensive, especially when it comes to password cracking.
So if you planning to use as GPU rig, fx8350 will be more than enough, at least for 4 gpu's. Raw performance for CPU comparing AMD/Intel is a different story.