Need help 7-Zip/CryptSync
[SOLVED, tx to awesome forum members!]

Hi, I'm looking for someone who can help us out  (for a reasonable fee). 

Background: HD crash & Schrödinger's backup. Last usable image based backup several weeks old. Online backups up to date, but the files are encrypted with CryptSync (7-Zip). Friend wrote down the password, but apparantly forgot one character. 20 known chars, but the password field indicates a 21 chars length. Tried BulletsPassView on CryptSync, no dice. Tried a couple of combinations manually, but decided I better use Hashcat. I'm able to decrypt a test CryptSync file with 7-Zip, and I'm also able retrieve a hash from a regular 7-Zip file using But I'm unable to retrieve a hash from a CryptSync file using Sample file If you're willing to help, pls get in touch. 

u have forum and that crack hash/stuff for money go look at their site..

u did not provide the 20 chars that u know, or where the missing char should be (in the begging ? in the end of the pass...) and in my calculation u have to try 255 different chars to get the right one..
Hi Kiara,

Tx for the tip. I'll have a look.

FYI the written down password is:

I've manually tried 95 letters/nrs/special charcters at the end and a a few other places (a | ?l?u?d?s) It won't be any other character. The location of the char is unknown.

I set it up, and recognize the password. I didn't write it down tho (I use a password mgr for that kind of stuff). Worse case would be an additional mistake with the % symbol.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Data Recovery services aren't cheap :-(