AWS EC2 p2 x16 instance (full benchmark)
(10-06-2016, 03:48 PM)jodler303 Wrote: Not bad, yet even if it's 'just' $6 hourly it will be $144 per day, being $1008 per week.  Three GTX1080 will have about the same power as those 16 K80's (e.g. for wpa about same speed, for bcrypt 3 gtx1080 will be slightly faster).  With the regular hourly price of $16 it's 2688 per week. - So within just one week it's cheaper to buy those 3 GTX1080 and have the same power ...   If you have a normal cracking job which lasts several days, you probably don't want to be interrupted all the time so you WILL end up paying the higher price, sooner or later. Nevertheless this is a quite interesting setup, and i highly appreciate you sharing it with us! prices will drop, too, for sure.

Thanks. I definitely agree with you, if you require cracking on a regular basis, then it will be always cheaper to just buy the rig(s). I can think ,however, some situations where this is a better option. One example can be time critical situations, where you only have 3-4 days to crack a hash (lets say part of a large penetration testing project). You could fire up 100x these instances and get nice on-demand power.