a very essential basic question!

Since a week I’ve been reading articles and watched some videos about password “recovery” by cracking the hashes and I have a question which might sound silly! When the hashes are cracked we have the real letters and numbers so the real password. Just imagine the result of cracking a hash is Kim1234. How do we know for which url/website this password is? How do we know that’s the username so that we combine it with this cracked password? 

PS; I know I'm not supposed to post a ticket without reading wiki and searching the forum etc. I did all of that and still no answer to my question.

Thanks for any help.
If you have a password hash you must have it from some kind of database. That database has the username linked to the hash. It's just not important for hashcat to know.
Thanks for ur kind and fast reply Atom. It will be my last question here I promise :-)
So.... just "imagine" someone is interested cracking password of a user he should first obtain those data/hashes from the website he wants to get acces to, right? Like some kind of acces to;

- %systemroot%\system32\config
- %systemroot%\repair (but only if rdisk has been run)
- In the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SAM
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This is not related to hashcat.
You don't ask this kind of things.