Any good wpa2.cap cracking services ?

do u know really good cracking services
for wpa2.cap files ?

I've found only the usual sites. Which are using only dictionaries nothing special. 

You wont pay for that standard services, because you can do that with a normal gpu (GTX 1080 or Titan X 2 (Pascal)). 

I'm looking for a service who uses 9 - 14 lower case or upper case letters or 16 - 20 digits.

I would pay for it, but i cant find any services.

Best regards

Such a service does not exist
well , it depend how much money u want spent for it..
if u are willing to give good bucks for it i guess u could find some ppl that will do it for ya.
try to search in insidepro or hashkiller forums, they are some teams (like team hashcat or CynoSure Prime ,etc..) that combine gpu power for competitions or challenges , perhaps if u convice all of them to help u out (i guess with some money to..) just perhaps u will be able to do that. but its a difficult task, ur keyspace that u asking for is huge.

try some social engineering Smile