(null): No such file or directory
Here's the text from terminal from compilation to the error occurring. I am not developer so please let me know if I'm missing something. 

macOS Sierra with latest Nvidia drivers
MacBook Pro
GeForce GT 650M

Users-MBP:~ useracct$ git clone https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat.git
Cloning into 'hashcat'...

remote: Counting objects: 16443, done.

remote: Compressing objects: 100% (33/33), done.

remote: Total 16443 (delta 12), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 16410

Receiving objects: 100% (16443/16443), 15.65 MiB | 2.05 MiB/s, done.

Resolving deltas: 100% (13602/13602), done.

Checking connectivity... done.

Users-MBP:~ useracct$ mkdir -p hashcat/deps

Users-MBP:~ useracct$ git clone https://github.com/KhronosGroup/OpenCL-Headers.git hashcat/deps/OpenCL

Cloning into 'hashcat/deps/OpenCL'...

remote: Counting objects: 288, done.

remote: Compressing objects: 100% (25/25), done.

remote: Total 288 (delta 16), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 263

Receiving objects: 100% (288/288), 218.99 KiB | 114.00 KiB/s, done.

Resolving deltas: 100% (186/186), done.

Checking connectivity... done.

Users-MBP:~ useracct$ cd hashcat/

Users-MBP:hashcat useracct$ make

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/affinity.NATIVE.o src/affinity.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/autotune.NATIVE.o src/autotune.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/benchmark.NATIVE.o src/benchmark.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/bitmap.NATIVE.o src/bitmap.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/bitops.NATIVE.o src/bitops.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/combinator.NATIVE.o src/combinator.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/common.NATIVE.o src/common.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/convert.NATIVE.o src/convert.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/cpt.NATIVE.o src/cpt.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/cpu_aes.NATIVE.o src/cpu_aes.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/cpu_crc32.NATIVE.o src/cpu_crc32.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/cpu_des.NATIVE.o src/cpu_des.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/cpu_md5.NATIVE.o src/cpu_md5.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/cpu_sha1.NATIVE.o src/cpu_sha1.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/cpu_sha256.NATIVE.o src/cpu_sha256.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/debugfile.NATIVE.o src/debugfile.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/dictstat.NATIVE.o src/dictstat.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/dispatch.NATIVE.o src/dispatch.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/dynloader.NATIVE.o src/dynloader.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/event.NATIVE.o src/event.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/ext_ADL.NATIVE.o src/ext_ADL.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/ext_nvapi.NATIVE.o src/ext_nvapi.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/ext_nvml.NATIVE.o src/ext_nvml.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/ext_OpenCL.NATIVE.o src/ext_OpenCL.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/ext_xnvctrl.NATIVE.o src/ext_xnvctrl.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/filehandling.NATIVE.o src/filehandling.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/folder.NATIVE.o src/folder.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/hashcat.NATIVE.o src/hashcat.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/hashes.NATIVE.o src/hashes.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/hlfmt.NATIVE.o src/hlfmt.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/hwmon.NATIVE.o src/hwmon.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/induct.NATIVE.o src/induct.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/interface.NATIVE.o src/interface.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/locking.NATIVE.o src/locking.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/logfile.NATIVE.o src/logfile.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/loopback.NATIVE.o src/loopback.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/memory.NATIVE.o src/memory.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/monitor.NATIVE.o src/monitor.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/mpsp.NATIVE.o src/mpsp.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/opencl.NATIVE.o src/opencl.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/outfile_check.NATIVE.o src/outfile_check.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/outfile.NATIVE.o src/outfile.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/potfile.NATIVE.o src/potfile.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/restore.NATIVE.o src/restore.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/rp.NATIVE.o src/rp.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/rp_cpu.NATIVE.o src/rp_cpu.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/rp_kernel_on_cpu.NATIVE.o src/rp_kernel_on_cpu.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/shared.NATIVE.o src/shared.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/status.NATIVE.o src/status.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/stdout.NATIVE.o src/stdout.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/straight.NATIVE.o src/straight.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/terminal.NATIVE.o src/terminal.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/thread.NATIVE.o src/thread.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/timer.NATIVE.o src/timer.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/tuningdb.NATIVE.o src/tuningdb.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/usage.NATIVE.o src/usage.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/user_options.NATIVE.o src/user_options.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/weak_hash.NATIVE.o src/weak_hash.c

gcc -c  -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o obj/wordlist.NATIVE.o src/wordlist.c

gcc     -pipe -W -Wall -std=c99 -O2 -Iinclude/ -IOpenCL/ -Ideps/OpenCL-Headers/ -o hashcat obj/affinity.NATIVE.o obj/autotune.NATIVE.o obj/benchmark.NATIVE.o obj/bitmap.NATIVE.o obj/bitops.NATIVE.o obj/combinator.NATIVE.o obj/common.NATIVE.o obj/convert.NATIVE.o obj/cpt.NATIVE.o obj/cpu_aes.NATIVE.o obj/cpu_crc32.NATIVE.o obj/cpu_des.NATIVE.o obj/cpu_md5.NATIVE.o obj/cpu_sha1.NATIVE.o obj/cpu_sha256.NATIVE.o obj/debugfile.NATIVE.o obj/dictstat.NATIVE.o obj/dispatch.NATIVE.o obj/dynloader.NATIVE.o obj/event.NATIVE.o obj/ext_ADL.NATIVE.o obj/ext_nvapi.NATIVE.o obj/ext_nvml.NATIVE.o obj/ext_OpenCL.NATIVE.o obj/ext_xnvctrl.NATIVE.o obj/filehandling.NATIVE.o obj/folder.NATIVE.o obj/hashcat.NATIVE.o obj/hashes.NATIVE.o obj/hlfmt.NATIVE.o obj/hwmon.NATIVE.o obj/induct.NATIVE.o obj/interface.NATIVE.o obj/locking.NATIVE.o obj/logfile.NATIVE.o obj/loopback.NATIVE.o obj/memory.NATIVE.o obj/monitor.NATIVE.o obj/mpsp.NATIVE.o obj/opencl.NATIVE.o obj/outfile_check.NATIVE.o obj/outfile.NATIVE.o obj/potfile.NATIVE.o obj/restore.NATIVE.o obj/rp.NATIVE.o obj/rp_cpu.NATIVE.o obj/rp_kernel_on_cpu.NATIVE.o obj/shared.NATIVE.o obj/status.NATIVE.o obj/stdout.NATIVE.o obj/straight.NATIVE.o obj/terminal.NATIVE.o obj/thread.NATIVE.o obj/timer.NATIVE.o obj/tuningdb.NATIVE.o obj/usage.NATIVE.o obj/user_options.NATIVE.o obj/weak_hash.NATIVE.o obj/wordlist.NATIVE.o src/main.c -DCOMPTIME=1477089452 -DVERSION_TAG=\"v3.10-536-gf558a64\" -DINSTALL_FOLDER=\"/usr/local/bin\" -DSHARED_FOLDER=\"/usr/local/share/hashcat\" -DDOCUMENT_FOLDER=\"/usr/local/share/doc/hashcat\" -lpthread -s

ld: warning: option -s is obsolete and being ignored

Users-MBP:hashcat useracct$ ./hashcat -b

hashcat (v3.10-536-gf558a64) starting in benchmark mode...

[color=#333333][font=-apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, 'Segoe UI', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif, 'Apple Color Emoji', 'Segoe UI Emoji', 'Segoe UI Symbol'](null): No such file or directory
Problem is, this only occurs with Apple systems. Since I don't have any Apple system I can't reproduce this. There's a github issue for this, hence I'm closing the thread on here: https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/issues/545