ssh and oclHc+

I currently have two machines running oclHc+ each with 3x5870's. I am planning to build another very soon and would like to be able to ssh in, and remotely start hashing on each node.

However no matter what I try, I cannot get it the cards recognised over ssh.

If anyone has managed this and could give me some help I'd be very grateful.

Many Thanks.

sounds like you are on linux. in this case make sure the user which is logged in into ssh has a valid xsession. this means, exactly the same user must be logged in to X11. thanks to amd for this "feature" Smile
So I assume that if I have putty installed on my windows 7 box(1 6990 and 2x5770's) that I would be able to ssh into that box remotely from lets say a laptop running backtrack 5 r1 and crack a WPA/WPA2 handshake that way? The only reason I have windows installed on my mining rig is so I can play skryim on it, before I had it setup on ubuntu and I could easily ssh into it and run pyrit so I assume the same can be accomplished with oclHc+
try it. if not, use vnc (there are also vnc clients for linux).
Okay I have it setup by installing BT5 r1 to a HDD with openssh-server setup and a vnc server running with the necessary ports forwarded on my router. Then on my laptop I'm running BT5 off a usb stick and using my droid to tether my 3g connection so I can preform a mitm(on my own network) and use VNC to crack the WPA/WPA2 handshakes. Now I'm working on a Django webapp that takes allows you to upload a .hccap file then it does the first attack method for 30 minutes. If it fails then it tries the second method. Then lastly it tries a Rule-based attack. I'm planning to offer a WPA/WPA2 password recovering service, the first 3 hours would be free then after that it would cost 1 bitcoin for every 12 hours.
you dont need VNC on linux