hashcat v3.20

The hashcat core was completely refactored to be a MT-safe library (libhashcat).
The goal was to help developers include hashcat into distributed clients or GUI frontends.
The CLI (hashcat.bin or hashcat.exe) works as before but from a technical perspective it's a library frontend.

There's also new features, new hash-modes, many bugfixes and performance improvements.

I recommend upgrading even if you did not face any errors with older versions.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!!!

Download here: https://hashcat.net/hashcat/

  • New option --speed-only: Quickly provides cracking speed per device based on the user hashes and selected options, then quit
  • New option --keep-guessing: Continue cracking hashes even after they have been cracked (to find collisions)
  • New option --restore-file-path: Manually override the path to the restore file (useful if we want all session files in the same folder)
  • New option --opencl-info: Show details about OpenCL compatible devices like an embedded clinfo tool (useful for bug reports)
  • Documents: Added colors for warnings (yellow) and errors (red) instead of WARNING: and ERROR: prefix
  • Documents: Added hints presented to the user about optimizing performance while hashcat is running
  • Hardware management: Support --gpu-temp-retain for AMDGPU-Pro driver
  • Hardware management: Support --powertune-enable for AMDGPU-Pro driver
  • Password candidates: Allow words of length > 31 in wordlists for -a 0 for some slow hashes if no rules are in use
  • Password candidates: Do not use $HEX[] if the password candidate is a valid UTF-8 string and print out as-is
  • Pause mode: Allow quit program also if in pause mode
  • Pause mode: Ignore runtime limit in pause mode
  • Status view: Show core-clock, memory-clock and execution time in benchmark-mode in case --machine-readable is activated
  • Status view: Show temperature, coreclock, memoryclock, fanspeed and pci-lanes for devices using AMDGPU-Pro driver
  • Status view: Show the current first and last password candidate test queued for execution per device (as in JtR)
  • Status view: Show the current position in the queue for both base and modifier (Example: Wordlist 2/5)
  • Markov statistics: Update hashcat.hcstat which is used as reference whenever the user defines a mask
  • Charsets: Added lowercase ascii hex (?h) and uppercase ascii hex (?H) as predefined charsets

  • Added hash-mode 14000 = DES (PT = $salt, key = $pass)
  • Added hash-mode 14100 = 3DES (PT = $salt, key = $pass)
  • Added hash-mode 14400 = SHA1(CX)
  • Added hash-mode 99999 = Plaintext
  • Extended hash-mode 3200 = bcrypt: Accept signature $2b$ (February 2014)
  • Improved hash-mode 8300 = DNSSEC: Additional parsing error detection

Fixed Bugs:
  • Custom charset from file parsing code did not return an error if an error occured
  • Fix some clSetKernelArg() size error that caused slow modes to not work anymore in -a 1 mode
  • Hash-mode 11600 = (7-Zip): Depending on input hash a clEnqueueReadBuffer(): CL_INVALID_VALUE error occured
  • Hash-mode 22 = Juniper Netscreen/SSG (ScreenOS): Fix salt length for -m 22 in benchmark mode
  • Hash-Mode 5500 = NetNTLMv1 + ESS: Fix loading of NetNTLMv1 + SSP hash
  • Hash-mode 6000 = RipeMD160: Fix typo in array index number
  • If cracking a hash-mode using unicode passwords, length check of a mask was not taking into account
  • If cracking a large salted hashlist the wordlist reject code was too slow to handle it, leading to 0H/s
  • Null-pointer dereference in outfile-check shutdown code when using --outfile-check-dir, leading to segfault
  • On startup hashcat tried to access the folder defined in INSTALL_FOLDER, leading to segfault if that folder was not existing
  • Random rules generator code used invalid parameter for memory copy function (M), leading to use of invalid rule
  • Sanity check for --outfile-format was broken if used in combination with --show or --left

Workarounds added:
  • Workaround added for AMDGPU-Pro OpenCL runtime: Failed to compile hash-mode 10700 = PDF 1.7 Level 8
  • Workaround added for AMDGPU-Pro OpenCL runtime: Failed to compile hash-mode 1800 = sha512crypt
  • Workaround added for NVidia OpenCL runtime: Failed to compile hash-mode 6400 = AIX {ssha256}
  • Workaround added for NVidia OpenCL runtime: Failed to compile hash-mode 6800 = Lastpass + Lastpass sniffed
  • Workaround added for OSX OpenCL runtime: Failed to compile hash-mode 10420 = PDF 1.1 - 1.3 (Acrobat 2 - 4)
  • Workaround added for OSX OpenCL runtime: Failed to compile hash-mode 1100 = Domain Cached Credentials (DCC), MS Cache
  • Workaround added for OSX OpenCL runtime: Failed to compile hash-mode 13800 = Windows 8+ phone PIN/Password
  • Workaround added for pocl OpenCL runtime: Failed to compile hash-mode 5800 = Android PIN

Improved performance:
  • Improved performance for rule-based attacks for _very_ fast hashes like MD5 and NTLM by 30% or higher
  • Improved performance for DEScrypt on AMD, from 373MH/s to 525MH/s
  • Improved performance for raw DES-based algorithms (like LM) on AMD, from 1.6GH/s to 12.5GH/s
  • Improved performance for raw SHA256-based algorithms using meet-in-the-middle optimization, reduces 7/64 steps
  • Improved performance for SAP CODVN B (BCODE) and F/G (PASSCODE) due to register handling optimization up to 25%
  • Improved performance by reducing maximum number of allowed function calls per rule from 255 to 31
  • Improved performance by update the selection when to use #pragma unroll depending on OpenCL runtime vendor
Full performance comparison sheet v3.10 vs. v3.20: here

  • Autotune: Do not run any caching rounds in autotune in DEBUG mode if -n and -u are specified
  • Bash completion: Removed some v2.01 leftovers in the bash completion configuration
  • Benchmark: Do not control fan speed in benchmark mode
  • Benchmark: On OSX, some hash-modes can't compile because of OSX OpenCL runtime. Skip them and move on to the next
  • Building: Added Makefile target "main_shared", a small how-to-use libhashcat example
  • Building: Added many additional compiler warning flags in Makefile to improve static code error detection
  • Building: Added missing includes for FreeBSD
  • Building: Added some types for windows only in case _BASETSD_H was not set
  • Building: Changed Makefile to strip symbols in the linker instead of the compiler
  • Building: Defined NOMINMAX macro to prevent definition min and max macros in stdlib header files
  • Building: Enabled ASLR and DEP for Windows builds
  • Building: Fixed almost all errors reported by cppcheck and scan-build
  • Building: On OSX, move '-framework OpenCL' from CFLAGS to LDFLAGS
  • Building: On OSX, use clang as default compiler
  • Building: Support building on Msys2 environment
  • Building: Use .gitmodules to simplify the OpenCL header dependency handling process
  • Charsets: Added DES_full.charset
  • Data Types: Replaced all integer macros with enumerator types
  • Data Types: Replaced all integer variables with true bool variables in case they are used as a bool
  • Data Types: Replaced all string macros with static const char types
  • Data Types: Replaced all uint and uint32_t to u32
  • Data Types: Replaced atoi() with atoll(). Eliminates sign conversion warnings
  • Documents: Added docs/credits.txt
  • Documents: Added docs/team.txt
  • Documents: Changed rules.txt to match v3.20 limitations
  • Error handling (file handling): Fixed a couple of filepointer leaks
  • Error handling (format strings): Fixed a few printf() formats, ex: use %u instead of %d for uint32_t
  • Error handling (memory allocation): Removed memory allocation checks, just print to stderr instead
  • Error handling (startup): Added some missing returncode checks to get_exec_path()
  • Fanspeed: Check both fanpolicy and fanspeed returncode and disable retain support if any of them fail
  • Fanspeed: Minimum fanspeed for retain support increased to 33%, same as NV uses as default on windows
  • Fanspeed: Reset PID controler settings to what they were initially
  • Fanspeed: Set fan speed to default on quit
  • File handling: Do a single write test (for files to be written later) directly on startup
  • File locking: Use same locking mechanism in potfile as in outfile
  • Hardware management: Fixed calling conventions for ADL, NvAPI and NVML on windows
  • Hardware management: Improved checking for successfull load of the NVML API
  • Hardware management: In case fanspeed can not be set, disable --gpu-temp-retain automatically
  • Hardware management: In case of initialization error show it only once to the user on startup
  • Hardware management: Refactored all code to return returncode (0 or -1) instead of data for more easy error handling
  • Hardware management: Refactored macros to real functions
  • Hardware management: Removed kernel exec timeout detection on NVIDIA, should no longer occur due to autotune
  • Hardware management: Replaced NVML registry functions macros with their ascii versions (Adds NVML support for XP)
  • Hashlist loading: Do not load data from hashfile if hashfile changed during runtime
  • Kernel cache: Fixed checksum building on oversized device version or driver version strings
  • Logging: Improved variable names in hashcat.log
  • Loopback: Refactored --loopback support completely, no longer a recursive function
  • Memory management: Fixed some memory leaks on shutdown
  • Memory management: Got rid of all global variables
  • Memory management: Got rid of local_free() and global_free(), no longer required
  • Memory management: Refactored all variables with HCBUFSIZ_LARGE size from stack to heap, OSX doesn't like that
  • OpenCL Headers: Select OpenCL headers tagged for OpenCL 1.2, since we use -cl-std=CL1.2
  • OpenCL Kernels: Added const qualifier to variable declaration of matching global memory objects
  • OpenCL Kernels: Got rid of one global kernel_threads variable
  • OpenCL Kernels: Moved OpenCL requirement from v1.1 to v1.2
  • OpenCL Kernels: Recognize reqd_work_group_size() values from OpenCL kernels and use them in the host if possible
  • OpenCL Kernels: Refactored common function append_0x01()
  • OpenCL Kernels: Refactored common function append_0x02()
  • OpenCL Kernels: Refactored common function append_0x80()
  • OpenCL Kernels: Refactored rule function append_block1()
  • OpenCL Kernels: Refactored rule function rule_op_mangle_delete_last()
  • OpenCL Kernels: Refactored rule function rule_op_mangle_dupechar_last()
  • OpenCL Kernels: Refactored rule function rule_op_mangle_rotate_left()
  • OpenCL Kernels: Refactored rule function rule_op_mangle_rotate_right()
  • OpenCL Kernels: Support mixed kernel thread count for mixed kernels in the same source file
  • OpenCL Kernels: Switch from clz() to ffz() for bitsliced algorithms
  • OpenCL Kernels: Using platform vendor name is better than using device vendor name for function detection
  • OpenCL Runtime: Updated AMDGPU-Pro and AMD Radeon driver version check
  • OpenCL Runtime: Updated Intel OpenCL runtime version check
  • OpenCL Runtime: Updated NVIDIA driver version check
  • Password candidates: The maximum word length in a wordlist is 31 not 32, because 0x80 will eventually be appended
  • Potfile: Base logic switched; Assuming the potfile is larger than the hashlist it's better to load hashlist instead of potfile entries
  • Potfile: In case all hashes were cracking using potfile abort and inform user
  • Restore: Automatically unlink restore file if all hashes have been cracked
  • Restore: Do not unlink restore file if restore is disabled
  • Rules: Refactored macros to real functions
  • Status: Added Input.Queue.Base and Input.Queue.Mod to help the user better understand this concept
  • Status: Do not wait for the progress mutex to read and store speed timer
  • Status: Do not show Recovered/Time when cracking < 1000 hashes
  • Status: Do not show Recovered/Time as floats but as integers to reduce over-information
  • Tests: Removed rules_test/ subproject: Would require total rewrite but not used in a long time
  • Threads: Replaced all calls to getpwuid() with getpwuid_r() to ensure thread safety
  • Threads: Replaced all calls to gmtime() with gmtime_r() to ensure thread safety
  • Threads: Replaced all calls to strtok() with strtok_r() to ensure thread safety
  • Wordlists: Use larger counter variable to handle larger wordlists (that is > 2^32 words)
  • X11: Detect missing coolbits and added some help text for the user how to fix it

- atom
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"Improved performance for rule-based attacks for _very_ fast hashes like MD5 and NTLM by 30% or higher"
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