Scoping out new 4xGPU or 6xGPU 1080 FE build
if going for supermicro/tyan mobos, better to go with more pci lanes. (incase one day u want to expend ur cards)
(12-15-2016, 03:15 PM)tacohashcat Wrote:
This houses 4 GTX1080FE very well. There is a utility to change fan speeds on the case fans (the ones on the rear of the case are only used for passive cards like the teslas in the picture so you won't need it) also has optional rack mount rails which is nice. This case with 4 1080FE will get you in right at your 5k budget.

Yeah, I am considering that case/board as well. I also looked into this rig build write up that uses it:

Looks impressive for the price.