hashcat v3.30

The refactorization of version 3.20 was so extreme it was almost impossible to not bring in a few bugs. 
This version 3.30 is mostly about bugfixes, but there's also some new features and a new hash-mode.
I recommend upgrading even if you did not face any errors with older versions.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!!!

Download here: https://hashcat.net/hashcat/

  • Files: Use $HEX[...] in case the password includes the separater character, increases potfile reading performance
  • Files: If the user specifies a folder to scan for wordlists instead of directly a wordlist, then ignore the hidden files
  • Loopback: Include passwords for removed hashes present in the potfile to next loopback iteration
  • New option --progress-only: Quickly provides ideal progress step size and time to process based on the user options, then quit
  • Status screen: Reenabled automatic status screen display in case of stdin used
  • Truecrypt/Veracrypt: Use CRC32 to verify headers instead of fuzzy logic, greatly reduces false positives from 18:2^48 to 3:2^64
  • WPA cracking: Reuse PBKDF2 intermediate keys if duplicate essid is detected

  • Added hash-mode 1300 = SHA-224

Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed buffer overflow in status screen display in case of long non-utf8 string
  • Fixed buffer overflow in plaintext parsing code: Leading to segfault
  • Fixed custom char parsing code in maskfiles in --increment mode: Custom charset wasn't used
  • Fixed display screen to show input queue when using custom charset or rules
  • Fixed double fclose() using AMDGPU-Pro on sysfs compatible platform: Leading to segfault
  • Fixed hash-mode 11400 = SIP digest authentication (MD5): Cracking of hashes which did not include *auth* or *auth-int* was broken
  • Fixed hex output of plaintext in case --outfile-format 4, 5, 6 or 7 was used
  • Fixed infinite loop when using --loopback in case all hashes have been cracked
  • Fixed kernel loops in --increment mode leading to slower performance
  • Fixed mask length check in hybrid attack-modes: Do not include hash-mode dependant mask length checks
  • Fixed parsing of hashes in case the last line did not include a linefeed character
  • Fixed potfile loading to accept blank passwords
  • Fixed runtime limit: No longer required so sample startup time after refactorization

Workarounds added:
  • Workaround added for Intel OpenCL runtime: GPU support is broken, skip the device unless user forces to enable it

  • Building: Added hashcat32.dll and hashcat64.dll makefile targets for building hashcat windows libraries
  • Building: Added production flag in Makefile to disable all the GCC compiler options needed only for development
  • Building: Removed access to readlink() on FreeBSD
  • Building: For CYGWIN prefer to use "opencl.dll" (installed by drivers) instead of optional "cygOpenCL-1.dll"
  • Events: Added new event EVENT_WEAK_HASH_ALL_CRACKED if all hashes have been cracked during weak hash check
  • Hardware management: Switched matching ADL device with OpenCL device by using PCI bus, device and function
  • Hardware management: Switched matching NvAPI device with OpenCL device by using PCI bus, device and function
  • Hardware management: Switched matching NVML device with OpenCL device by using PCI bus, device and function
  • Hardware management: Switched matching xnvctrl device with OpenCL device by using PCI bus, device and function
  • Hardware management: Removed *throttled* message from NVML as this created more confusion than it helped
  • Hash Parser: Improved error detection of invalid hex characters where hex character are expected
  • OpenCL Runtime: Updated AMDGPU-Pro driver version check, do warn if version 16.50 is detected which is known to be broken
  • OpenCL Runtime: Updated hashcat.hctune for Iris Pro GPU on OSX
  • Potfile: The default potfile suffix changed but the note about was missing. The "hashcat.pot" became "hashcat.potfile"
  • Potfile: Added old potfile detection, show warning message
  • Returncode: Added dedicated returncode (see docs/status_codes.txt) for shutdowns caused by --runtime and checkpoint keypress
  • Sanity: Added sanity check to disallow --speed-only in combination with -i
  • Sanity: Added sanity check to disallow --loopback in combination with --runtime
  • Threads: Replaced all calls to ctime() with ctime_r() to ensure thread safety
  • Threads: Replaced all calls to strerror() with %m printf() GNU extension to ensure thread safety

- atom
Thanks to all hashcat's devs and contributers/reporters on forum/github/irc !!!

This release includes some very crucial/important fixes/features

... and of course: thank you atom
Thank you very much! It just solved my issue with CPU and GPU cracking...
After installing CPU drivers everything went south, I was very close to remove all the drivers and start from scratch..
Thank you again!
Great! No more false positives (most likely that is)!

Impressed. Thank you all.
Working awesome !!!  Thank you Smile
Awesome, this totally solved my problem.. Hashcat was "stop working" sometimes Sad
Awesome ! Thank you !
Many thanks to the team !
Will test it ASAP and publish benchmark.