Removing 1080 backplates

I've seen a few threads that reference removing the back half of the backplate of you have multiple 1080 FEs to improve airflow, but it's not always clear to me when that makes sense to do. For instance, I believe i've seen some people recommend doing it only for a particular card, as opposed to all of them. I would like to understand the underlying concept here a bit better to understand the guidance.

Beyond the general concept, i am also trying to understand what i should do in my particular situation. I have a Tyan FT77 style system with 4 x 1080 FEs, spaced evenly so there is an empty slot between each. Is there any benefit to removing the backplate in this type of set up?

Any guidance here would be appreciated,
The back-half of the Founders Edition cards is removable to increase airflow to the adjacent card's centrifugal blower. Otherwise the backplate blocks the intake to the blower and it doesn't move very much air.

There's no benefit to removing the backplate in your configuration, as you only have 4 of 8 slots populated and thus have no adjacent cards.
Ah, got it, thanks!