2x6 gtx1080 cluster
(05-24-2017, 06:39 AM)epixoip Wrote: @kjs i fixed your quoting for you. Since this is your first day on the forums and all, I assume you've not yet figured out how to use the application.

Many thanks, sorry to hear the passive aggressive / anger management / repressed anger therapy hasn't worked out for you! Smile
(05-24-2017, 06:39 AM)epixoip Wrote: @winxp5421 please correct me if I said something that was incorrect, but as far as I know, you only offer community support via Github Issues. But don't get me wrong, Hashtopussy is a massive improvement over Hashtopus, you guys did a great job cleaning up curlyboi's code. And Hashtopussy is clearly much needed in the community, you fill a gap that we refuse to fill. I'm very happy that you are doing what you do and look forward to seeing Hashtopussy continue to evolve. That said, comparing Hashtopussy to Hashstack is an apples-to-oranges comparison, they're two totally different beasts. As I said above, Hashtopussy is not a flavor of Hashcat, but rather a wrapper around Hashcat. However, Hashstack, as a fork of Hashcat with native distributed capabilities, is a flavor of Hashcat. So it would actually be far more appropriate to compare Hashstack to Hashcat than it would be to compare it to Hashtopussy.

@epixoip It just seemed odd that we were called by name and I'm sure you can see how that specific wording may imply "Shotty Support" so naturally an eyebrow was raised as I try my damnedest to get a reply or close within 24 hours for the user error stuff. which I think is pretty decent as its.. free and donated time. I figured you of most would understand that considering the countless hours you have spent on HC fourms.

The above was what I was thinking yesterday but, today seeing the post here and on another thread to give context, it is clear what all of this was about. 
So, in short epixoip I'm not butt hurt or salty in any way. Just without context, it seemed it was a small stab at us but, clearly given context it was not.

Yes, we don't offer any such "enterprise" anything and probably never will its just not what we are about period. People needed a solution ( us most of all ) and s3in!c was gracious enough to code it. A lot of the time when I get questions from people face to face at a conference or wherever the first thing I bring up " If you or your company has the budget grab a machine from sagitta it's worth it for hashstack alone!" but, if money is an issue build a system or use old decommissioned hardware and drop HTP on a server. So, I'm fully aware of both our intended use cases. 

Much love,
Oh, yeah, no, the shade was directed at kjs, not at you.
For those who may be interested, I noticed FireEye have recently released an open source distributed Hashcat tool called GoCrack:



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