Fan control in Linux
Has anyone had success in controlling their PWM fans from within Linux?

I am using Ubuntu 14, but can't do this.  It is most likely due to my hardware configuration.  I don't have my fans wired directly to the motherboard.  I have my fans wired to a Corsair H100i CPU cooler instead.

Controlling fans with Linux software is sometimes accomplished with these packages (at least in Ubuntu).


Are there any particular vendors of motherboards that allow for software control of fan speeds from within the OS?

Or are hardware based PWM controllers for case fans preferred?
Hey, did you ever find out a good solution for this for you?
A software solution would have been awesome, but I never found one that I could get to work. pwmconfig (for fancontrol) is the other related utility in Ubuntu, but I never tested it.

I ended up buying a hardware fan controller. A hardware solution was more desirable anyway since I needed to control 4 fans. Any motherboard on the market is going to run out of PWM fan headers very quickly for us hashcat enthusiasts.

I highly recommend the NZXT Sentry 3 and Corsair Maglev fans.

That said, a software solution to this problem might still be achievable, but may be limited to only some motherboard vendors (an adequate amount of headers needs to be available).