Getting new GPU
So I am planning to get a new GPU unfortunately my budget is rather small so I have been thinking about 1060 6GB or RX 480 8GB I am not sure which one would be a better choice. Mostly I am running algorithms like salted MD5s and SHAs with dictionary attacks. 

If I went for a 1060 I would most likely choose a nonreference one (thinking about Palit GeForce GTX 1060 Dual 6GB) or maybe a reference one would make a noticeable difference. I need to, because 1060 FE is like 50$ more expensive.

Thanks everyone for a reply.
On an extreme budget, a GTX 970 performs similarly to a GTX 1060. Used 970s can be acquired on eBay for $150 or less.

Be aware that only 1/4 of the GPU's memory is made available by the NVIDIA OpenCL implementation:

Depending on how many rules you supply to a given job, the 4 GB on the 970s may be better for your purposes than the 3 GB on the 1060s.
There is no 1060 FE or official reference design. There are a few cards with radial cooler though. But the 1060 does not produce very much heat, a card with a proper cooling system would be fine. It also depends on the size of your case.

For the price of a 1060 6GB you should be able to get a used GTX980, which will be faster under Hashcat, so I'd consider that.