Show how the password was cracked

Is there any option, or something what could show for me which of my rule, or mask or wordlist have been used for crack the given password?

For example: 

Cracked password: Asdasd1234 
Used method: Rockyou.txt Wordlist + mask ?d?d?d?d

Cracked password: Ffff432!
Used method: bruteforce + maks ?u?l?l?l?d?d?d?s

Is it already implemented somewhere? Or should I use a script or something to get these information?

Thank you!
See the --debug-mode option. Mode 4 may be what you're looking for.

 # | Format
 1 | Finding-Rule
 2 | Original-Word
 3 | Original-Word:Finding-Rule
 4 | Original-Word:Finding-Rule: Processed-Word

This only works for rules. You'll have to track which dictionary was input, but the original word is what matters. Tracking which mask should be self-evident.
Thanks Royce!

Checking it !!! Smile