help with choosing the right options
new to hashcat somewhat, but I have two 7zip files that are mine which I put a pwd on and of course I had put a sort of reminder in a pwd app I use, but I am not having any luck and I'm sure I'm missing some of the password. 

I know 1 of them is likely a dictionary word with upper case/lower case, numbers and symbols, my guess is 14 - 17 characters.

The 2nd one has a regular word in it, but if I have it right, the first part starts with 4 letters and I think it's something like upper case/lower case/uppercase/lowercare/word/numbers/symbols. It's probably something around 13-17 characters.

There are some symbols for each I can exclude, but I'm not sure how to exclude them or if it will matter that much? 

I have read a bunch online but I'm not having any luck using the wordlist option and then the rules,. but I don't think I'm getting the wordlist and rule combination right. 

I downloaded a huge word list, but is that the best option if I think I know what words might be part of this or what letters the pwd may start with? 

I'm ran this to get the hash of the 7zip file: 7z2hashcat-0.9.exe - it provides a hash that seems to be correct. Is there a better solution to get the hash? 

I'm using Windows 10, dual core I7 proc, only an Intel HD4000 GPU (so I think I need to make sure I'm only using the CPU option?)

I had found a thread that pointed to using this as the best option for 7z files.
 hashcat -a 0 -m 11600 c:\hashcat\hash.txt wordlist.list -r rules/best64.rule
* Reducing keyspace (such as limiting the number of possible specials) is often helpful, but the only way to tell is to calculate the difference and/or start the attack and see what the time estimate changes to.

* GPU is almost always better.

If you post a command line (without sensitive/unknown hashes), I can help you figure out the wordlist/rules combo.