Using Hashcat to find iTunes Backup password
iOS9 Backup

I've forgotten my backup password on itunes (ios9) and can't seem to find the password using Passware Recovery Kit Forensic using brute force for the manifest.plist file.

I don't remember any clues as to what it may be and so I selected predefined on the software but its coming up with remaining time of months which is way too long although I can understand why.

I was thinking to try Hashcat but haven't a clue how to use it. Could someone make an easy step by step guide on how to do it and I'm sure this would also help others.

I have used youtube to get an understanding but its not enough to do what I need. I am downloading some wordlists whilst I'm trying to figure how to do the hashcat part.

Thanks in advance for any help
Try here and scroll down: