using essid like aircrack-ng does
is there a way to be able to use the essid in hashcat like you have to do in aircrack-ng?

i suspect that hashcat does not compatible with aircrack-ng .cap files because i get invalid eapol size and if there was some way to put the essid into the command string like aircrack-ng does it would be a big help.

i like aircrack-ng because there is also a gui front end  fern and that is how i got the cap file.
If you're talking about cap2hccapx you can specify a single essid to convert.
that did not work i got the invalid epol size error.

that is why i want to be able to specify the bssid like you do in aircrack.

oh i could not get aircrack cuda to compile so aircrack on cuda is out