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Just thought I should update this.

I have never really watched the speed report too closely before and so I was surprised at the speed obtained by sorting my word list.

I am sorry to say that this speed fluctuation is happening with normal alphabetically sorted lists also, it must have always done it.

I also notice that when using a straight rule I get an average of about 92 - 93,000 but when I use the toggle rule on either the alphabetically sorted list or size sorted list my speed can vary dramatically over time.

I have seen GPU speeds (using toggles) of 106.0k -108.0k tonight. Could this be an error with the speed calculation or am I actually achieving these figures ? I have to make it clear that they are not sustained and when I press the "s" key again they can drop within seconds to 93,000 etc.

My temperatures are remaining remarkably stable at about 71 -72 c.
hard to say without investigating
why do we use toggles2.rule, may I ask. Is it because U know that password contain only 2 uppers?Or is it only an educated guess? When use toggle, your word list should contain only low alpha and numeric, correct? So use toggle rules, we can sort of cover low and upper bits with a smaller, only low alpha numeric word list,smaller hence I/O reading is quicker, the rest with rule, combine GPU can do it correct? For example if to solve 8 bits WPA password, I guess you use toggle4.rules on 4 bit long word, then U use mask right and left combined to attack so U cover 8 bits password. But
Q1. why there is only upto toggle5.rule? If OCLhc+ can solver upto 15 bits, there should be upto toggle7 available, no?
Q2 which is quicker generate low+upper alpha numeric pipe it into ohc+, or use hc-cli with an lower alpha numeric word list+toggles rule, then here you must combine their left right side and pipe into ohc+?
Q3 6bits wordlist of low alpha numeric only, already reachs a size around 14 GBs, if you use togglesX.rule they must be a file form, or can you generate 6bits wordlist on the fly, and simultaneous, apply toggles rule then pipe to ohc+?
to understand the concept of this, read the wiki: