Installation script
Is there a installation script that installs this program by itself?

I've installed hashcat v3.5.0 in Linux Mint 18.1 using the repositories from The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) Linux but I haven't been able to make it run yet. Here are some inputs and the output errors:

❯ hashcat -a 1 --stdout hash


❯ sudo hashcat -a 1 --stdout hash

Kernel library file /usr/share/pocl/kernel-i686-pc-linux-gnu.bc doesn't exist.

I have an Intel Celeron N2815 32 bit processor. I guess the problem is with the driver requirements. Which drivers should I install? Do I need GPU drivers?

Shouldn't the program install the requirements by itself?
hashcat's dependenciest are not installed automatically. The second paragraph of the main page describes which drivers are needed, and describes some steps involved. Beware that The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) is also problematic for OpenCL support, and problems there are almost always not hashcat's fault.
Based on GPU Driver requirements:

AMD GPUs on Windows require "AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition" (15.12 or later)
AMD GPUs on Linux require "AMDGPU-Pro Driver" (16.40 or later)
Intel CPUs require "OpenCL Runtime for Intel Core and Intel Xeon Processors" (16.1.1 or later)
Intel GPUs on Windows require "OpenCL Driver for Intel Iris and Intel HD Graphics"
Intel GPUs on Linux require "OpenCL 2.0 GPU Driver Package for Linux" (2.0 or later)
NVIDIA GPUs require "NVIDIA Driver" (367.x or later)

as I don't have Intel Core or graphic card I guess I don't need GPU drivers.
How can I install hashcat without installing from The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) repository? Is there a The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) release without problems with hashcat?

I'`ve tried in another computer with windows to see if it works and I get

❯ C:\WINDOWS\system32>\Users\Arturo_2\Downloads\hashcat-3.5.0\hashcat64.exe -a 1 -
-stdout \Users\Arturo_2\Downloads\hashcat-3.5.0\hashcat.txt \Users\Arturo_2\Down

Error parsing value of -cl-std flag!
* Device #1: Kernel C:\Users\Arturo_2\Downloads\hashcat-3.5.0/OpenCL/ build failed - proceeding without this device.
Is there a problem with the command that I'm typing?

Executing the command from example0.cmd warns me about an outdated driver. Why In the other computer it doesn't tell me what driver do I need to install?
C:\Users\Arturo_2\Downloads\hashcat-3.5.0>hashcat64.exe -a 7 example0.hash ?a?a?a?a example.dict
hashcat (v3.5.0) starting...

* Device #1: Outdated or broken NVIDIA driver detected!

You are STRONGLY encouraged to use the officially supported NVIDIA driver.
See hashcat's homepage for officially supported NVIDIA drivers.
See also:
You can use --force to override this, but do not report related errors.