Conflicting rule results
When cracking a given hash set with different rule sets and --debug-mode=1 set, I'm getting different results for the untouched dictionary word, i.e. the number of ":" hits in my debug file each time.

It's a large data sets (circa 8 million MD5 hashes), and i'm running rockyou over it each time with different rules, but the debug file is showing differing : hits for each rule set.

What are the potential reasons this could be happening? I assumed regardless of the rule set : represented an un-mangled word so therefore should be the same every time? I've running --potfile-disable each time to ensure the potfile isn't skewing results.

Thanks in advance.
With the high concurrency it's possible that a different rule produced the same plaintext before the blank rule hit.

ie assume password is "123456" and your wordlist has "1234567" and rule "]", you get the same result as with "123456" and ":".
Appreciate the quick reply, thanks.