AMD Llano A8 3850
Unbuntu 11.04/64bit.

I did notice that running the 6550D at all really lags the UI response time now in Xwindows. I can't remember for sure if it did that with Cat 11.4/SDK 2.4, but I don't think so.

The performance of oclHashcat-lite with both the APU and the GPU simultaneously isn't much different now though. Each runs slightly faster than before on MD5. I ran from -lite with both the APU and GPU, and just with the HD 5870 GPU. It finishes about 10 seconds faster with both, but the time to crack was around 14 minutes so 10 seconds isn't a great bonus for running both.
its like a car. drive it at 140 km/h and it just requires 8l, accelerate to 200 km/h, now it requires 16l. that is doubled the cost for just for 60 km/h. thats why your screen lags. i tried to set the defaults for --gpu-accel and --gpu-loops to run in a economic mode.