Dictionary cache building

Using last stable hashcat version with my GTX 1080, each time I launch a LM attack it builds the cache :
hashcat64.exe  -w 3  -o  lm_res.txt --potfile-disable  --gpu-temp-retain=75 -m 3000 hash.txt words.txt
Gives :
Dictionary cache building xxx.dic: 1140817173 bytes (4.03%)
I though it was just the first time ? It does it each time I launch LM attack, then MD5, then LM again.
Is the Dictionary Cache Building the same for every algorithms or different for LM ? That would explain why it needs to be rebuilt for LM.

Yeah, it's also mentioned within docs/changes.txt
* changes v3.30 -> v3.40:
- Wordlists: Disable dictstat handling for hash-mode 3000 as it virtually creates words in the wordlist which is not the case for other modes