Use rules on dicrionary
really stupid and (probably) really simple question:

How to generate own dictionary based on rules?

I mean I have some directory (let's say rockyou.txt).
I and want to apply one rules file (like best64.rule).
And I want to make (big) directory rockyou+best64. How do I make so? (linux).

I found tons of tools, utils (
but non to like "play" directory+rules.

Please note that I dont want to use entire hashCat program (like with -1 option), but just small util that will apply "rules" to "txt file" .. and to pipe output somewhere else.

But I google for quite some time without success, thanks.
use hashcat --stdout
Here's how I personally use it:
Hashcat64.exe --stdout hash.txt -r rockyou.rule > output.txt
Yes. But can I do it WITHOUT hashcat? (I have raid-SSD fast computer without graphic card to do so. And just slower HDD on GPU PC). Therefor Im looking for stand-alone util and NOT to hashcat+param solution.

Otherwise I wouldnt ask and I would go there directly ( )
What is the difference?
You can't run hashCat there.
Yes, he can. A GPU is not a requirement for hashcat.
Uff, .. yeah, and also add --session xxx and million of another options to be able to run multiple instances ...
(I've just dont want to use a tank to do a simple script work).
Ok one more question.
When used "hashcat --stdout test.txt ", then all test is writen BUT output is NOT interrupted.
I mean that pipe is still active and bash stuck at this point after writing all posibilities (but do NOW end).
like "cat test.txt" will do same output but it will end after that.

#hashcat --stdout test.txt
# cat test.txt
cannot reproduce your problem with 3.5.0. hashcat terminates after printing for me.