Example Rule Generation Using Mask-Processor.
I have made some sample commands for users to be able to make rules on their own computers. I find it much easier to learn from seeing a working example so I thought it may also help others new to this.

I have posted them on the wiki here. Smile
this is awesome! much thanks for your contribution.

you know you can write this one:

mp64.exe -1 0123456789 "^"?1"^"?1"^"?1 -o "Prefix 0-999.rule"

easier to read this way:

mp64.exe -1 0123456789 "^?1^?1^?1" -o "Prefix 0-999.rule"

or this:

mp64.exe -1 0123456789 "^?1 ^?1 ^?1" -o "Prefix 0-999.rule"

using the spaces each function is seperated by each other and more clear to understand. i used the same technique in best64.rule

also i would recommand not to use the outfile containing a space, because it requires the user to encapsulate it in "". Why not "Prefix-0-999.rule"?

So i would recommend in ending up with:

mp64.exe "^?d ^?d ^?d" -o Prefix-0-999.rule


you could also use ^ to escape ^ itself. But its a bit harder to read:

mp64.exe ^^?d ^^?d ^^?d -o Prefix-0-999.rule

(11-25-2011, 10:08 AM)atom Wrote: this is awesome! much thanks for your contribution.

You're welcome, every little helps as they say !! Big Grin

I will fix the ones I put on the wiki, yours are much neater and less code which is always best ! Smile

I would still like to make it easy to understand for new users, so I will think about how to explain it better.

I will write something up about the new increment mode and start from character length option. Does it matter if I write that now on the wiki before it is actually implemented ? I am just trying to finish that wiki page and move on to the next !
Thank you so much for this!