Mask processor error
Hey guys,I'm getting a weird problem with Hashcat.I've given the following command:

mp32 -q 4 ?u?u?u?u?u?u?u?u?u?u?u9951 | hashcat32 -a 3 -m 1000 ntlm. txt

Then Hashcat is launched but it's saying:"workload is too low and hashcat cannot use full parallel power of your GPU......"

then it displays approaching final keyspace and then cracking terminates normally but with no hashes recovered,what is causing this?

Why is it displaying workload is too low even though I've given a mask consisting of 15 characters?
Also guess mask in Hashcat window is only showing a mask of 6 characters,plz somebody find me a solution for this,brute forcing without mask processor is working fine and cracks the hash with the above mask but I need to use the -q parameter in mp.The same happens in both hashcat 3.50&3.60 versions.plz,I'm in urgent need!!!!
-a 3 is for mask attack, -a 3 is not for stdin/wordlists

-a 0 is used for straight/wordlist/stdin attacks

BTW: you really should read te wiki instead of asking all these very noob/basic questions, just a glimpse at the --help output, past forum posts or at the wiki would answer all of the questions you were asking in the past
I'm extremely sorry for my idiotic question,BTW the solution worked!THNX.