Unresponsive hashcat - ignoring keyboard input
re-install of Ubuntu solved the issue.

I'm posting this on behalf on CyberGuard who is still waiting for his confirmation email to arrive.

I am currently running a 1080 Ti on an ubuntu 16.04.3 machine but am facing an unusal issue with hashcat. Hashcat does not seem to respond to any input once running.
No pause, no status, no resume, no quitting. CTRL+C is how I terminate the application.
I was wondering if someone here has experience with this issue.

What driver are you using?
Most recent
Perhaps simply to many hashes being cracked
I've tried it with single hash and it didn't work

Btw, could you resend verification email for user CyberGuard, because he is not receiving it.

re-install of Ubuntu solved the issue.