Help with graduate assignment
ok, i have assignement to run hashcat in cluster enviroment and does anyone know, what those strings mean?
XRSL example:

(count = 8)
(countpernode = 8)
(jobname = primer)
(inputfiles =
(primer.tar.gz "")
( "")
(executable =
(outputfiles = (primer.out.tar.bz2 ""))
(cputime=“2 days")
(runTimeEnvironment = “APPS/BASE/GPU")
(walltime="4 hours”)

Well, looks like some kind of config file. That is the answer to your question but you probably did not ask the right one.
Yap, answer i already knew.
Ok, let me rephrase the question.
Sintakses in this config file, does anyone know what exactly does mean. I seek The One who already used them or at least know what are they do if i change values.

what kind of college is this