So I'm dumb and lost my ETH password
To make a short story, I was new to ETH and my brother helped me set up a wallet in which I farmed with 6 gtx 1070 for a month.
Somehow we saved not the entire password used when creating the account using GETH, only the first 7 character.
I know the password was 8 to 10 char long, only using what can be entered by the keyboard as we didn't mess with anything special so most likely the 95 ascii printable character.

I've seen the mask attack generator but have no idea if that's what I should be using, neither how to generate the possible list using it.

If for example I know (made up here for the example):

And it could go from:
MyPas$1a up to MyPas$1999 including \!@#$%?&*()

How do I use Hashcat and other tools to crack the password?
I have no idea how to use it and wouldn't say I'm a pro at coding/ETH/other, yet do have decent hardware (6x 1070 gtx mining rig) to my disposition.

Thanks for helping a newbie
Yes, you want to do a mask attack
I already read that, but still can't figure out how to use it and get it not to generate a pass list made only of randomized char.

Is there a step by step tutorial somewhere?
You should use the mask processor and pipe the output to Hashcat.
It's really easy,you can find a lot of tutorials on the forum and at the wiki.

Here are some websites which will help you:
(08-08-2017, 03:21 PM)slayerdiangelo Wrote: You should use the mask processor and pipe the output to Hashcat.

Hashcat supports mask attacks in attack mode 3. No need to use external tools.

Your mask would look something like MyPas?a?a?a?a
Yeah,I know that,but he will be able to learn more about Hashcat if he uses a mask processor.
Thank you, i'll look at this when I get home tonight.
I'll make sure to tips you guys for the help once I get some more eth or unlock the account.

Best to run it on my gaming machine with a 4790k/980ti or the mining rig with a celeron/6x1070?
depends, if your wallet is mode 15600 [$ethereum$p] use your GPU (mining rig) if your wallet is mode 15700 [$ethereum$s] use your CPU (gaming machine) still use your mining rig

(well, actually it might still be worth trying mode 15700 with your mining rig GPUs, my 2600k does 13 H/s while my single 1060 does 21 H/s)
Why not use both
Been thinking about it and decided I could first give it a try on 2 unused PC and if it doesn't give results in a few days, switch it on the mining rig too. They have a 2500k - 770 gtx and a 3770 - 960 gtx in them. They can't farm anything so I won't lose income.

Downloading hashcat and trying to figure how it works now. I just saw the example cmd I guess I'll manage it if I spend some time learning it.

Thanks again all and I'll sure be back to support you asap.