clGetEventProfilingInfo(): error on EVGA 1080ti
Has anyone come across the error "clGetEventProfilingInfo(): CL_UNKNOWN_ERROR" on the brand new EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 HYBRID GAMING, 11G-P4-6598-KR, 11GB GDDR5X, HYBRID & LED board?

I'm running it headless (although lowering the boards priority to 3 or 2 from 4 doesn't help), have installed multiple NVIDIA driver versions on the board, downgraded Hashcat versions to 3.0 from 3.6.0 - without success.  Windows 7 64 bit

I am using it to run 6213 Truecrypt hash.  It won't even get to the computing part and crashes with this error before you get to interactive mode.

My setup works without errors with my EVA gtx970.  When the new board is enabled in pairing, or by itself - I get the same error.  But the board will run benchmarks just fine and renders correctly.  I'm not overclocking it at all.

This is run using the batch file - and no, it also fails in direct mode, very simple stuff - two predefined character sets, and 4 characters total on substitution.  This should run in just a few minutes.  No dictionary either.

I have two batch files and run all sequences of the hash I need.  I have converted the two into the final form at the end.

call m:\H360\HashdoFile2.bat 6213 filler_enc.bin ?a FILLER_NOFILE_GAN ?1andalf?2?2?2 8_12_3 M:\Work\ Gg

m:\h360\hashcat64.exe -a 3 -m %1 %7%2 -1 %8 -2 %3 %5 --session=%4_%1_%6 -p : --force -o "%7Password_%4_%1_%6.txt" --outfile-format=4 --remove -w 4 --gpu-temp-abort=86

m:\h360\hashcat64.exe -a 3 -m 6213 m:\work\filler_enc.bin -1 Gg -2 ?a  ?1andalf?2?2?2 --session=FILLER_NOFILE_GAN_6213_8_12_3 -p : --force -o "m:\work\Password_FILLER_NOFILE_GAN_6213_8_12_3.txt" --outfile-format=4 --remove -w 4 --gpu-temp-abort=86

I have run out of ideas.  All system updates are installed.  No virus activity that I can tell - the board sits inactive like it should when not queried.  I could not include the log file or the binary, in .rar or native modes - not sure why.

UPDATE: 08/30/17
I have returned the 1080ti AGAIN to Newegg (this is the last time they will allow it)

- This new 1080ti benchmarks properly with EVGA Scanner, also works under memtestg80 (to 4094 memory)
- I have made sure there are no directives in the environment under win7 to OPENCL
- I have disabled all software services that are not needed (vmware, True Image, Chute, Etc.)
- I have downloaded a new binary 3.6 setup from scratch.
- Both my gtx 970 and gtx 108ti are on 385.12
- I have made sure the 1080ti hardware slot is auto configured, and have swapped slots between the 970

--> the gtx 970 works, the 1080ti still does not work.

It does EXACTLY the same as the last card.  I'm am guessing now it is either software, or this motherboard - x64
Remember that I did have a 1080ti (same model) run for a week originally before it actually started to lock up my machine - that one was returned for the #2 replacement, this is #3.
What's the output of hashcat -I and nvidia-smi?
(11-19-2017, 02:16 AM)royce Wrote: What's the output of hashcat -I and nvidia-smi?

Both my cards showed up just fine.  It seems more like this was a timeout in some sort of initialization loop on program entry under Windows.

I gave up and went to Ubuntu.  I just needed to re-learn UNIX again, and write a command file generation from my Windows command files.  Used Hashcat without issues under that.  No biggy.

I ended up breaking the password in 6 weeks after exhausting a word+7 alpha full combination initially, and then cracking a Truecrypt password (using all the hashing combinations or truecrypt - 12 of them) with a word generator I wrote out of a program that generated all the possible letter combinations (assigning a word instead of a letter, then killing adjacent duplicates).  As it turns out the password was 34 characters long - I would have been screwed without approaching it from a different angle. 
On the up side - I got really good at using Hashcat.  On the downside, I have a slightly used 1080ti that I don't really need (which I never managed to overclock under Ubuntu).  Maybe when it gets colder I can start mining and heat the house....


A well-rounded success story. Thanks for the update. Smile