RAR3 trouble…!
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Well guys,it's been quite a long time.
Going through some of my old DVDs I founded a password protected rar file(hopefully encrypted by my brother so I wouldn't open it-5 years ago).Well I ran it through rar2john and extracted the hash,but the problem is-I'm getting very very slow hashing speed in HashCat(probably around 500 H/s)and with that rate I won't be able to crack the password in the next millennia.
Is this speed normal?Is there any way to increase the speed?
It's a RAR3 hash and I've a benchmark speed of 1500 MH/s.
Plz help..!
A benchmark for the GTX 1080 Ti gets around 45,000 h/s so I don't know what kind of setup your using to get 1,500 Mh/s
He probably meant 1500 h/s
For cracking MD5 hashes I'm clearly getting around a speed of
1500 MH/s(printed by the HashCat prompt!).
Why are you comparing the speed of MD5 with that of RAR?
I was just asking whether 500H/s for RAR3 was normal.It seems way too low
Why does it seem too low. There's plenty of algorithm that slow. The only way to attack them is with targeted wordlists.
Tnx man,I already cracked it by brute force(took me a whole day!).