(09-13-2017, 05:37 PM)undeath Wrote: PACK is just a collection of python scripts. You can run python on almost any OS, including Windows.

In theory yes. In practice, there is a dependency with the policy gen script I could never get working on Windows whereas on Linux it was almost effortless. But the rest work fine in either OS, although it does require python 2.7, not the newest version (the 3.x series).
I ran rulegen.py,but it's giving me an error:"enchant C library not found".
What does it mean?plz help...!(I'm a Windows user).

Is it rulegen.py I should be running to get -r parameter of maskprocessor?
You need the pyenchant library/module. I never was able to get this working on Windows, but it was easy on [Debian] Linux.

Any you need to understand the attack method. Based on your first post, you want to do a mask attack. Rulegen.py is for dictionary attacks.

The entire PACK set of tools is designed to work off already cracked hashes from the set. It is based on people with similar interests or work environments tend to use similar patterns and words. If you have already cracked some passwords from the set and want to use a mask attack, then statsgen.py and maskgen are the tools to use.

However, as it is based on already cracked passwords, if you used a mask attack to get those initial passwords, I do not believe statsgen.py and maskgen.py would be very useful. It would just gravitate back to the same masks you've already used.
Did you see undeath's post?He told me one of the PACK script can do just what the -r parameter of MaskProcessor does.Do you know which script does that?