OpenCL Installed=No Detect.
* Device #1: Intel's OpenCL runtime (GPU only) is currently broken
             We need to wait for an update of their OpenCL drivers
             You can use --force to override this but do not post error reports if you do so
No devices found/left

We need to wait for an update.

Im using windows server 2016 


Intel(R) HD Graphics 630

CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core

The million dolar question. Do you install OpenCL?
No, i just install the manager and updater now, but before happens the same, i just ask to hosting if they pre install openCL drivers but i dont think so.

I know it will not but any way off working witout --force so i can use GPU?
So? Seems thath my Dedicated isnt good for hashcat