Help with Win Zip / Zip2 Hash from zip2john

I am trying to recover a password from a zip file and have had issues getting hashcat to accept the zip file hash.  I created the has using zip2john and jtr ids the hash as: ZIP, WINZIP, PBKDF2-SHA1 4x SSE2.  

If I try and use: 
hashcat -m 13600 -a 3 -o answer.txt -d 2 myhash.hash I get the error:

Hashfile on line 1 () Salt-value exception
No Hashes loaded

The has file itself looks like this:


Raw output from zip2john at the terminal gives this:



If I use the full output from the terminal of zip2john then Hashcat complains of Signature unmatched - no hashes loaded.

[color=#000000][size=small]Any help would be well
received.  JTR is much slower than using my GPU/hashcat 
If you have this:

Quote:Hashfile on line 1 () Salt-value exception

then you have either an empty first line or you are using a BOM (eventually added by a texteditor) that you need to turn off.

However, pasting a hash violates forum rules, therefore banning for a week.
Sorry for previously posting the has - lesson learned!

The first line doesnt seem to be empty and I have checked with notepad++ that I am not adding a BOM.

It would seem that the most common error is "Signature unmatched / No hashes loaded" . I recreated the hash using zp2john directly to a hash file - didnt open with any editor and attempted to use hashcat against it. The output of hashcat seems to show a random symbol before the $zip2$ in the command prompt (assuming that hashcat isnt adding the symbol?). In notepad++ I cannot see the symbol added at the command line as part of the error message.

Any help welcomed.