Plz help for MD5(sal1.PASSWORD.salt2)
i have a password crypted by this fonction


There any way to crack it?
Thx in advance.
Maybe using the combinator attack:

Using the combinator attack you should be able to use the hash-mode 20, set "salt2" in another dictionary, and salt1 in your hash file.

echo "salt2" > dic2.txt
hashcat -m 20 -a 1 -j yourBigRules.rule hash.txt yourDic.txt dic2.txt

It should parse yourDic.txt, apply rules on it, then append salt2 at the end and process the hash function after appending salt1 at the beginning.

Does it work?
Please keep us posted.
not works ..
id417 is on the right track but not right there.

-j/-k does not allow rule files.

Instead of using a1 use a normal a0 attack and create a rule to append salt2 in m20.