Help with KeePass and Hashcat

TLDR; Non tech guy can't login to his keepass database and trying to crack the password.

Just few days ago I started using password manager which is Keepass and I created new database and changed all my password to Keepass hashed passwords. After the day Keepass database just won't open. Keep saying "The composite key is invalid". I know my password is correct. I've checked my password double, triple times. I don't want to lose my 100++ accounts. Which is most of them unable recover. So that brings me here to crack the password. No key or backup created. Any help with how to use the this program and can provide would be greatly deeply appreciated.
If it doesn't say your password is wrong that probably means the database got damaged. No backups?
Only 1 backup and same error. I really need it asap.

Only big reason is it has my main gmail account and I was using as my wedding invitation. Tried google recovery and no luck. I've had 2 step verify and still saying "Can't identify me". Lol google..

Edit: Found that if you force shut down you're computer while program was open then you're screwed.