SLI GPU's to pair with GTX780
I have an ASUS GTX 780 Direct CU II; its a good card. Got it overclocked, can get around 90000 H/s on WPA/WPA2 benchmarks. Its been a good 5 years, wanted to pair this guy up with another GPU. Anyone know if there is a down-side to SLI when it comes to Hashcat? Or if there is a down-side to doing SLI with two different cards? I was contemplating getting the GTX 1080 TI-FE; would these two make an OK pair; should I only pair identical GPU's in SLI? Worth it?
The GTX 780 is a pre-maxwell gpu and has poor hashcat performance. Hashcat does not use SLI at all. It will simply use whatever processing units are available and allowed to be used. You can freely mix processing units of different manufacturers or generations as long as they are generally supported by hashcat.