Veracrypt assistance needed
Hi, I am doing a test with veracrypt 1.21  on a veracrypt volume. I created an encrypted container with standard information, so AES 256, hash sha-512.

The password is : password1
My goal is to retrieve it, as a test.

So i read these topics before asking you the question;

So i used the command on wincyg: dd if=c:/users/mypath/myencryptedfolder of=c:/users/desktop/ bs=1 skip=65536 count=512

then i ran:

hashcat64.exe -a 3 -m 13711 (also tried with 13712, 13713, 13723, 13751 and 13752)

i got an error message, saying Invalid hash

I decrypted my volume, took a memory dump, tried with passware (passware found nothing). I mounted my volume and took a look at my pagefile, i saw a trace about SHA256 + Serpent-Twofish-AES encryption near of my mounted volume... So i think im pretty close, i dont understand why im having that invalid hash error

So, im doing something wrong obviously. What is it?
okay my bad, the hash file was not in my hashcat folder, it was on desktop, so he didnt find the ...

Now i got it running, it says my wordlist or mask is too small. but i used -a 3 so bruteforce, do i really have to input a wordlist .txt ?
When you use -a 3 you don't need a wordlist. But if you specify an existing file it will be used as a maskfile. That's probably not what you want.
yeah that's what i tought, but when i go over a single -a 3 with the, it tells me thats my wordlist or mask is too small. But i didnt even wrote one.

to do a test, i wrote a .txt file with the good password, then i pointed to that file.
It goes over my password, then it shows 1/1 file proceesed, but 0/1 password found. So probably either my hash is incorrect, either i use the wrong -m (but im pretty sure i tested the 7-8 ones associeted with veracrypt drive)