1080GTX sluggish WPA cracking..
I'm only achieving ~300kH/s with WPA2 cracking on my 1080GTX, and I can't figure out what's going on. I have the latest driver, which is supposed to be fine from reading the instructions on this website.

I'm showing a temp of 75-80c but I've set the retain temp to 85c. But even when the heat hasn't built up (68c-72c), it still only runs at ~300kH/s.

What can I try here? I have the -w 3 flag set... utilization is showing 100%, core clock is 1607Mhz, mem is 4513Mhz (that seems very low but I assume thats due to hashcat only being able to utilize partial memory)...

Under speed, it shows 300kH/s (61ms).. is 61 ms normal?
How many passwords are you trying to crack? Which version of hashcat are you using? And what speed are you expecting?
For a single 1080, 300 kH/s is is quite okay. See benchmarks.
If you do bruteforce you can get 380 kH/s but dictionnary is a bit slower.
One SSID, using a very large dictionary (~28gb).

I was under the impression from reading on this forum that I should be expecting ~450-475 kH/s! I feel like I've read it many times, plus I posted about this issue once before and people agreed it was slow.. but if you both think it's fine, I'll leave it be.
With a laptop GTX1060 I get:

Hashmode: 2500 - WPA/WPA2

Speed.Dev.#1.....: 172.4 kH/s (58.59ms)