Poll: GTX 1060 or RX 580?
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AMD vs NVIDIA ~ $300 USD

I've currently got a GTX 750 Ti and am looking to upgrade sometime in the next few months, as it's now artifacting when I power on/off my third monitor, crashing windows, and black screening on any drivers newer than 376.33. 

My budget is $400 CAD (~ $315 USD) max, and I'm currently trying to decide between the GTX 1060 6Gb and NVidia RX 580, both available on Amazon CA around this range.

My use cases are: driving 3 monitors, simultaneous VMs (not all the time), infrequent gaming, and running hashcat for misc CTF challenges, so speed isn't a huge concern, but I'd like to know which of the two cards would offer better price/performance.

Since hashcat will likely be the most GPU intensive thing I do, I'd like to select a new GPU based primarily on on what is best for that.

Current rig: i5-4690, 8Gb ram (2x4Gb, may eventually add another 2x4), and a 750W Gold power supply. In case power draw is a possible issue, I also have 2 HDDs, an SSD, and a bluray drive, and may add another hdd/ssd to boot linux.
I would watch for a used GTX 1080 Founders Edition on eBay. They're currently going for a little more than $400, but not much - and you'll get quite a bump up in speed for the price. The FE cards are also pretty overbuilt and run like tanks.