Scrypt wallet hash
Trying to figure out a couple things while working on one of my old wallets.

Its a scrypt wallet, do i use for a $bitcoin hash or do I use the $etherium python script for the hash?

Also, what is outputted? Is it the private key or is it the wallet password?

Sucks staring at all those coins and I can't even remember what the password is.
well, you should at least remember if you had bitcoins or ethereums.

These are 2 different type of crypto coins.

If you had ethereum, you need to use
if you had bitcoins instead, you need to use

ethereum uses a json format, while bitcoin uses a binary file (berkeley database) called wallet.dat

hashcat always works with passwords.
The output of hashcat will always be hash:pass (default --outfile-format)

it's easy to get the private key if you have the correct password, but why would you need to have the private key at all. If you have the password the bitcoin software is able to do the work and get the (encrypted) private key. coins can be used/spent if you have the password and the wallet information
thanks philsmd, so I'm doing it right with bitcoin2john, I have the correct hash. Just need to beat it. I'm staring at $29,000 and I can't even remember this stupid password of mine.

I'm using an R9-270, getting 275 h/s, but its slow going. Trying to tailor my dictionaries and rules to words that I might use.