[sha256] Hash inside a hash
Hello dear hashcat community, im pretty new to hashing stuff, and even mask generating but, can you guys help me with something?

i know for sure that a sha256 im trying to break is indeed another sha256, so for sure a 64character between 0,9 and a to f.. so i was trying to generate it with maskprocessor but that will take how much of space? haha like 1tera?

is there any way of doing this better? any possible way to make at least "faster" or is this the only way?

any help is appreciated just a small light will also be greatfull 

Thanks in advance, eachzin
If it's the case that it's sha256(sha256(pass)), trying to discover that original 'pass' string is much more efficient.

hashcat doesn't support that specific combo, but other tools (John the Ripper dynamic mode, MDXfind, etc.) do.
the case is:

he created a sha256 with the first sha256, i just need to reach this first one not the "pass" it self, is more like a sha256(sha256) Tongue
If the first sha256 was based on a shorter, less random string, you're far better off attacking that, and then just running sha256 on it. Smile

But if the first sha256 is of something large or random, then there's no way. Trying to attack it by generating sha256s directly will never work.
There are 2^256 possible SHA256 hashes, this is about 10^77 possibilities. There are about 10^80 atoms in the whole observable universe. You will need more than "haha like 1tera?", it's more like "haha like multiple solar systems?".
How about, since this is 99% likely to be you trying to crack chained sha256 hashes from a gambling site, lets not attack gambling sites Smile