Syntax Help
Hello, I am hoping someone can help as I am stumped.

I am trying to get the password for an old bitcoin wallet, I was able to extract the hash using  I am now stuck as I do not know what to do next or what I am doing wrong.  The following command throws an error of "hash not loaded":

hashcat -a 0 -m 11300 c:\dat\wallet.dat c:\dat\hash.txt

Hash.txt is the hash that I extracted using and wallet.dat is my wallet.  Any help is appreciated.
You do not need the wallet.dat file directly for cracking (after you already extracted the information with, you only need the file hash.txt for cracking (it already contains the "hash" information that it extracted from the wallet file).

Therefore the syntax is:

hashcat -m 11300 -a 0 -w 3 hash.txt wordlist.txt

where the file wordlist.txt contains the password candidates that you want to try, one word per line
Thank you!  I am getting this error now, any ideas?

The wordlist or mask that you are using is too small.

This means that hashcat cannot use the full parallel power of your device(s).
Unless you supply more work, your cracking speed will drop.
For tips on supplying more work, see:

Approaching final keyspace - workload adjusted.
that's not an error