Help generating list
Hi Hashcat members,
I am having a bit of difficulty using hashcat to generate wordlist, I've attempted to figure out this for 2 nights now and ATM it's borderline insanity. I am sure this would be easy for some of you.

I am trying to generate a list with passwords that look like;


At a glance it's uppercase, 12 characters long, the first 2 characters always start with BP and it's overall structured like "LLLNLLNNNNNN" (L for letter, N for Number)

Here is my thought process on how the generator should be structured. Each character has a minimum and maximum value I believe to be so;

 1-2    3      4      5         6             7    8    9     10    11   12
[BP][M-Q][6-8][A-O][Q-Z or 0-3][5-7][0][0-2][0-9][0-9][0-9]

At first, I figured I could use crunch to accomplish this, but quickly got a headache trying to figure it out, I am hoping hashcat can accomplish something like this alone.

Can someone help me figure this one out/lead me in the right direction?
mp64.bin -1 678 -2 012 'MNOPQ,ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO,QRSTUVXYZ0123,567,BP??1?1??2??3??40?2??d??d??d' > masks.hcmask
(12-05-2017, 04:40 PM)undeath Wrote:
mp64.bin -1 678 -2 012 'MPQ,ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO,QSTUVXYZ0123,567,BP??1?1??2??3??40?2??d??d??d' > masks.hcmask

Wow thanks!... that's a great start!