new user needing assistance with cracking md5s
fairly simply question for you guys (I think):
I have hashcat gui version and I am not sure which tab to choose. I would like to be running this via my gpu (ati radeon 6950)
I want this to be as fast as possible, if I can run with my cpu as well I'd like to do that (i7 965)

I have file1.txt with list of username:md5
file2.txt has hash:plaintext passwords to crack with

how can I manipulate hashcat into cracking file1.txt against file2.txt and outputting in username:plaintext format?

I've watched the video tutorials but nothing that I saw covers exporting the file in the format I need.

thank you again!
hashcat does not support having usernames supplied with the hashes. You need to crack the hashes and afterwards replacing the hash with the corresponding user using some script.
but can my input file have the username with it? or no just hashes in a list

what would cause this?

I'm in the oclHashcat-plus tab, hash file is my target list

and I have tried loading both md5 hash password list and plain text password list into the word lists section

this is the error I'm getting
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thank you
the hash list must only contain the hashes itself in hex-encoding. No additional characters. In your screenshot every hash is followed by a comma.
I'm pretty sure I'm cracking now....but was only able to get it going in oclHashcat with a dictionary list.

was wondering if that is adequately performing for the hardware I have.

I am running on win 7 x64, i7 965 extreme @ 3.2ghz, 8 gigs ddr3, and velociraptor 300gig sata
gpu is radeon 6950. I was concerned I was unintentionally running off the cpu but after analyzing my video card temp and activity monitors, I realized that GPU was obviously being used.

I have a 2nd radeon 6950 which I plan to crossfire in the next day or so to increase gpu power. could someone tell me the settings I should input into Resources (in the hashcat gui) to take maximum advantage of my added GPU?

actually no fine tuning is necessary if you have a recent GPU (like the 6950). The speed is ok. If you plan to use multiple GPUs make sure not to enable crossfire. Also make sure your power supply is strong enough.

btw: all ocl*-versions are GPU based, only "hashcat" is CPU based.
I assumed since openCL but I wanted to make sure (I'm learning)

I have a corsair 650w and I think I'm good on the power. I was planning on using crossfire, so just running this app the same way without changing anything with both of the cards installed will run properly?

you think my cracking speeds will increase dramatically after adding the 2nd 6950?