Ethereum Password Bug
Hi all, I'm trying to gain access to my Ethereum presale wallet. 

However, Ethereum has acknowledge the possibility of a bug in generation of wallet files.

It seems that it may only be an issue on an import/open with their official wallet, and other services are able to open the wallet. That would then mean that Hashcat could indeed recover the password. Right?
Hashcat's implementations of the Ethereum wallet modes, including presale, do not rely on the ethereum wallet code at all to check if the password is correct/decrypt. A bug in their code for decryption/opening wallets wont affect hashcat and the password will still be recovered. However, if there was a bug on generation of the wallet, such as a encoding issue with the password->key step, then hashcat will still require that you hit the correct password for decryption, which may not be the exact password you had set in the wallet.
Thanks Chick. Just wanted to be entirely sure. Cheers,