question about hccapx
I have a problem with encryption on hccapx file.
based on this page 
this is my password/keymic in  encrypted :9094e48390f2 
on this [Image: 14OoUjr.jpg]
and this is password as plain-text:13471378
based on this page it's "SHA1",but when  I go on this website select SHA1 and enter this string:13471378
website give to me different result e8a6673cb3b38ca1a3830422f08f0b672f58da3d
I need get same result (i mean enter 13471378 and get 9094e48390f2 )
actually i need c#/c++ source code or a website like this website
1. hashing is not encryption
2. that's not how wpa works
3. what are you even trying to do???
(01-08-2018, 07:44 PM)farhad_usa Wrote: based on this page 
this is my password/keymic in  encrypted :9094e48390f2 
No, based on that page it is the 'mac_ap, 0x3b to 0x40, the mac address of the access point (BSSID)'

(01-08-2018, 07:44 PM)farhad_usa Wrote: based on this page it's "SHA1"
It is not your password, it is also not a hash.

You probally see 'keymic, 0x2b to 0x3a, the actual hash value (MD5 for WPA, SHA1 for WPA2) truncated to 128 bit (16 bytes)' and think 'this is the password I fill in to connect to the WiFi'. But this is unfortunately not the case. WiFi security is a lot more complicated than you think.

I agree with undeath in "what are you even trying to do???". Maybe you can get some help that way, but most likely what you want is not going to be possible.