Build advice
Thanks again undeath
FE's are much better at moving hot air out of the case. They are also much better at stacking additional cards as they are not blowing hot air on each other with typical gaming cards. I'm running a multi-purpose rig so I went with a gaming card as I'm only running hashcat once in a while. But for dedicated hashing machines always go with FE's, you'll save yourself a tonne of hassle and can also add in additional cards if you decide without any heating issues.
(01-11-2018, 12:57 AM)oldmate89 Wrote: I saw a comment before but now I can't see it. You mentioned I should go with the Founders Edition over the MSI Cards. Is there much of a performance difference between them?
I updated my comment as I realized that undeath had already gone over the benefits of a founders edition card previously. Only having one rear case fan, even with a FE card, things might stay a little cooler with a front mounted case fan to help pull in cool air.
As previously stated, OEM style blowers just push the hot air all around the case. If you have two OEM style cards up next to each other, one will cook the other one. With Founders Edition (reference design) cards, you do not get this issue. The FE cards use a blower that pulls air in from the case, runs it across the heatsinks, and pushes the hot air out the back of the computer. Better cooling, you can run them directly next to each other (I always try to keep as much space as possible, but sometimes its unavoidable), and keeps the rest of the components in the case happier too.