I can't found cyrillic password for MS Office, Rar
I can't found cyrilic password for MS Office, Rar..
For example, I have Rar document with cyrillic password 'ю' (ISO 8859-5:  044e )

I tried to run:

hashcat64 -m 12500 -a 3 $RAR3$*0*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ?b

hashcat64 -m 12500 -a 3 $RAR3$*0*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ?b?b

hashcat64 -m 12500 -a 3 $RAR3$*0*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ?b?b?b?b

The password could not be found.
For the Latin alphabet hashcat finds the password successfully

The same problem for MS Office and WinZip.
Previously, I tried to raise this problem in the forum, but I did not solve the problem ((