Maskprocessor more custom charsets needed
Atom, could you please allow user to set more then 4 charsets in maskprocessor.

I am struggling by using all 4 already, to solve 8bits WPA password, with low alpha only

I am thinking of I need 16 at the min for an experiment. So start with allow me with 16, the more I am able to preset the matrix will be more complicated but will cut speed of finding. 32 would be very nice, so I won't request for more for a long time. Would such an implement causes dis-advantages like size, performance on the rest of the MP? Thanks in advance.

Please don't reject.
no, it will drop performance.

thank for the program OCL hashcat plus. a great new year 2012 to you and everyone on the forum. Happy new year to you all.
EBCDIC ... Would be welcome Smile